Wednesday, October 17, 2012

This is so hard, but it's amazing when I see the results at the end of the day! I made a few horrible choices today but luckily didn't really eat anything else. And again i'm starving right now, but it's nothing a few grapes and a lot of water won't fix :)

Diet Journal:
-October 17:
  -Homemade sugar cookies w/ frosting, 3 (should have never made these! 400 kcal)
  -Saltine crackers, 6 (72 kcal)
  -Toast w/ butter (120 kcal)
  -Grapes, 15, (30 kcal)
-Total: 622

Not too bad, and better than yesterday! Let's hope it keeps going just like this

HW: 127.2

CW: 125.6

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