Tuesday, October 16, 2012

So today I did not eat very well, not very much, but not anything healthy. all nasty and fattening.

Diet Journal:
-October 15:
  -Maple & brown sugar oats
  -Toast with butter
  -13 Saltine crackers
  -Spaghetti (no meat just tomato sauce with garlic)
  -Sugar cookie, homemade, 1 with no frosting, 3 with frosting :(
 *not going to give a kcal count on this one because we all know its going to be absolutely horrible anyway!

-October 16:
  -Sugar cookies, plain, 2 (160 kcal)
  -Cheez-its,15 (90 kcal)
  -Frosted mini wheats w/ 2% milk (375 kcal)
  -BBQ potato chips, 4 (40 kcal)
-Total: 665 kcal

Best calorie count in a long time!! pretty happy with that, but wish i could go lower still and definitely make better choices. But i'm pretty hungry right now so I need to go to bed and sleep it off.

HW: 127.2 lbs.
CW: 126.2 lbs. :)
GW2: 117 lbs.
UGW: 112.5 lbs. (maybe even less, but not until I get to this weight)

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