Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Keep Moving Forward

I feel like shit.
surprise, surprise!
I was on vacation with my family the whole weekend, about 4 days total, and the trip screwed up everything!
My diet was getting under control; I had begun to exercise and lose some weight! Until the vacation. I put on all the weight I had just lost! I am ashamed and discouraged, but finally today I got back in action.
I just have to remember to keep moving forward. There will always be setbacks but as long as I stay strong and work hard everyday to get what I want, I know I will succeed!
My diet wasn't the best today but I still did okay. I also exercised today! It felt amazing! Hopefully when I move to SJ there will be a pool nearby where I can swim. That is my favorite sport/exercise. So calming and refreshing, and also easy on the joints. Anyway...I found out yesterday I will be moving to SJ in about a week or less. I am excited but also extremely nervous. I'm mostly nervous about running into HIM. I'm so strung up on him, it would be a disaster for me to see him, even though that's all I want to do at the same time. Like I said before, I need to make sure I look stunning when I do see him so that he will always regret leaving me. So I need to keep moving forward! :)

Diet Journal:
-October 24:
  -Toast w/ butter & jelly (125 kcal)
  -10 Saltine crackers (120 kcal)
  -Frosted flakes cereal, about 2 large bowls (650 kcal) :(
-Total: 895

Not my best, but happy to be under 1000kcal.

Exercise Journal:
-October 24:
  -60 sit-ups
  -30 squats w/ 5 lb. weight per hand
  -3 different reps of 20 arm exercises w/ weights
  -Stretches for 30 min.

Let's hope for a better tomorrow, and never forget - keep moving forward!

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