Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Day One:
*Nature Valley granola bar
*Minute Maid orange juice (12 oz. bottle)
*Sierra Mist (1 can)
*BBQ chicken pizza with extra cheese (3 slices)
*Ranch (2 oz.)
*Hostess powdered donuts (5)
*Sour gummy bears (2 pieces)
*Water (32 oz.)

Horrible! Why can't I ever get the craving of donuts out of my system!? >:(
No more pizza OR donuts. Also NO more:
soda/juice drunks
candy...This will be incredulously hard, as it's October, and Zachary's candy corn is my absolute weakness of all sweets!
ANYthing that goes under the category "junk"

Day two must be better!Day two goals:
*Nature Valley granola bar
*OR oatmeal
*Ritz wheat crackers
*Some version of a healthy, low kcal dinner meal, ie rice &veggies w/ sauce
*Water ONLY

Tomorrow we will see if I have succeeded it!

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