Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diet Journal:
- October 14:
  -Whole wheat bread with butter & jelly (200 kcal)
  -Cartoon mac & cheese with butter, milk, & salt (entire box, 1050 kcal)
  -Progresso beef stew soup (100 kcal)
  -Artisan bread (4 slices, 200 kcal)
  -Saltines (3 crackers, 36 kcal)
  -Strawberry and banana yogurt (50 kcal)
-Total: 1636 kcal

If only I could've resisted the mac & cheese!! It was all good except for that grrr.
Whatever I will do better tomorrow. Also tomorrow I am going to start a new exercise routine!
Wish me luck!

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