Thursday, December 13, 2012

Karmic Synergy

He called.
He actually called.
I couldn't believe it.
I was up late writing a poem about our relationship (lame I know) when I get a text from random number.
And it was him.
We had a good conversation. But now I'm wondering if its worth trying again with him. Which we didn't talk about, getting together that is. I do want him in my life but as a boyfriend I'm not so sure anymore.
I know I've changed and I'm stronger than before but I tend to become weak in a relationship. And what if he hasn't changed? Then I definitely couldn't be with him. I'd be devastated all over again. I won't let that happen twice. I can't.
The only to figure this out I guess is to start over. Start as friends and see how things go. See if he's changed. See if you change around him. Don't dive in too soon. Make sure you are ready and that he is too. Don't rush into things like last time. Take it slow even as friends. Please listen to this advice! You need to remember these words to protect your heart. Please.

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