Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Time To Get In Shape

I have not been doing so well diet wise. Weight wise, it is not so bad, but I really need to get my butt in shape!
When I first moved here (to SJ) I went down to 122.6 lbs in a week. But my food choices, while limited, were very unhealthy, and it has begun to show on my skin :/ blotchy and little pimples appearing everywhere.
So if that doesn't mean it's time to change my eating habits than I don't know what is.
So I will make myself write daily entries in a food journal EVERYday, starting bright and early tomorrow morning...which normally would be horrible considering it's Thanksgiving Day, but I won't be participating as I am far away from my family this year.
CW: 123.6 lbs
GW1: Dec 1st
GW2: Dec 15th
UGW: Jan 1st
Also I will (promise this time!) begin my workout routine tomorrow and keep it up throughout the weeks!
Wish luck!

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